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Responsible approach

Quality control – a clear orientation on the customer

We endeavour to provide our customers with products and services which exceed their expectations and thus to be the customer’s first choice on the telecommunications market. We attempt to create and maintain receptive and innovative relations with our customers, which make us the obvious partner for the resolution of all their telecommunications requirements. We make every effort to offer only the best quality telecommunications services to our customers.

We request of our business partners and suppliers that the goods and services they deliver contribute to the high quality of the services provided to the end customers.

All of our company employees endeavour to attain the maximum quality and to find every opportunity which will lead to their creativity, resourcefulness and initiative being full utilised in order to improve quality. This requires considerable specialist abilities, professionalism and the complete day-to-day commitment of all of our employees.

Improving quality is one of the key areas for our owners and will contribute to increasing the value of the company and their investment in it.

The constant improvement of the quality control management system is an obligation for us, which we keep in mind during all the activities which are undertaken within the company.

Green GTS

As one of the most important telecommunications companies we are endeavouring to preserve the environment and increase the level of its protection, with the aim of supporting permanently sustainable development. For these reasons we have decided to announce our own environmental policy, entitled Green GTS.

Protection of the environment has become one of our greatest priorities. All of our employees carry out their activities with increased consideration for the environment, so as to restrict as much as possible any negative impacts their activities might have. We have committed ourselves to making constant improvements in our care for the natural and work environment, especially in the sphere of quality of the atmosphere, land, water and nature as a whole.

We have also undertaken to comply with all legal and other regulations and meet all the demands which are or might be laid upon us, including the constant improvement of the environment and prevention of pollution. We train employees in the sphere of environmental protection and we are expanding awareness of our ecological approach not only amongst employees but also amongst our suppliers, partners and clients. It goes without saying that we hold the international environmental management system certificate ISO 14001:2004.


Our company wants to provide assistance where it is most needed and does everything with the full involvement of its employees. We organise Christmas charity appeals amongst our employees to support orphanages, and we regularly contribute to the purchase of appliances for overseeing the regular breaching of premature babies. We make contributions to basic schools, orphanages and charities, and offer gifts in the form of computer equipment and cars. We are doing everything to ensure that the world around us becomes a better place.




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