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Managed and ICT solutions

  • GTS IP Centrex

    GTS IP Centrex

    GTS IP Centrex is a supplementary service to GTS Total Business Lite. It is a hosted exchange located physically in the premises of GTS Czech. State-of-the-art IP telephones and value added applications are a part of the service. One of the major advantages of the service is that you can make telephone calls between distant extension lines FREE OF CHARGE via the voice virtual private network (VPN).
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  • GTS Colocation

    GTS Colocation

    GTS Colocation service provides a location for installing your company's server in the secure environment of a GTS Czech data centre that is equipped with the highest-level technology. It enables companies to operate their server infrastructure directly (with a backup) on the Internet backbone. The main advantages include top-level security and support.
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  • GTS Managed Office

    GTS Managed Office

    GTS Managed Office enables straightforward, efficient and complete handling of internet connection security. It will protect connection to internet networks from viruses, hacker attacks and other risks. The GTS Managed Office service is operated in a  dedicated server which is located in the GTS Czech data centre, which is equipped with the necessary software for the operation of individual modules (Central User Administration, Mail Server, Web Server, Firewall, Antispam, Antivirus, Attachment Filter, Antispyware, Content Filter).
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  • GTS Web Hosting

    GTS Web Hosting

    Using the GTS Web Hosting service, customers install their websites on GTS Czech's servers that are connected to the Internet via a high-capacity fully redundant network. This ensures a high degree of availability to the customer's website or applications for every Internet user. The technology used, the high quality of the hosting centre environment, and professional monitoring ensure smooth and trouble-free operation.
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  • GTS Domain

    GTS Domain

    GTS domain is a service providing registration and administration of a Class 2 internet domain. This service is designed to help improve a company’s online presence through presentation under its own domain, for example, on the address In combination with the GTS Web Hosting service this represents a quick and easy way of presenting a company on the Internet.
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  • GTS Data centres

    GTS Data centres

    GTS Czech, a national telecommunication operator, has opened its seventh data centre in the Czech Republic, this time in Prague, further strengthening its leadership on the data centre market. The company has thus responded to the growing customer demand for housing and hosting services – the new data centre represents a third addition during the last twelve months after the data centre in Brno was opened last autumn and another one in Ostrava last May. The new state-of-the-art data centre is called THP 24 and it is built on the area of 717 square meters in the premises at Vinohradská 190, Prague 3. Press release on opening of the new data centre.
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  • GTS Premium SMS

    GTS Premium SMS

    GTS Czech is a provider of SMS services for en mass sending and reception of SMS and premium SMS. The SMS platform of GTS enables the customers of GTS Czech to run B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) applications on a professional level. GTS Premium SMS represents a platform for organising consumer competitions, voting, and mobile payments for purchase of small wares, services and content. The service includes advanced SW applications as well as the possibility to directly connect the customer’s own applications to the SMS platform of GTS.
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  • GTS SMS Gate

    GTS SMS Gate

    GTS Czech is a provider of SMS services for en mass sending and reception of SMS and premium SMS. The SMS platform of GTS enables the customers of GTS Czech to run B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) applications on a professional level. GTS SMS Gate is an intelligent SMS gateway for en mass sending of SMS that includes user applications for SMS sending, applications for SMS account management by the user, and applications intended for easy integration in the subscriber’s IT infrastructure.
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  • GTS Virtual Hosting

    GTS Virtual Hosting

    GTS Virtual Hosting gives all business customers a fast and scalable package of computing-as-a-service products. These service products allow customers to select, allocate and move computing resources when and where they are needed.
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