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GTS Data centres

GTS Data centres

GTS Czech, a national telecommunication operator, has opened its seventh data centre in the Czech Republic, this time in Prague, further strengthening its leadership on the data centre market. The company has thus responded to the growing customer demand for housing and hosting services – the new data centre represents a third addition during the last twelve months after the data centre in Brno was opened last autumn and another one in Ostrava last May. The new state-of-the-art data centre is called THP 24 and it is built on the area of 717 square meters in the premises at Vinohradská 190, Prague 3. Press release on opening of the new data centre.

Advantages of the new data centre of GTS Czech

  • the data centre of GTS Czech has been designed and built following the latest trends in Europe and the USA
  • the data centre utilises state-of-the-art security systems – e.g. access control by bio (finger print) readers
  • the data centre of GTS Czech complies with all the applied regulations and standards, with maximum possible availability and redundancy of all technologies and equipment
  • racks (space available to customers) are configured in a hot and cold alley, i.e. the flow of cold air is directed to customer racks, while hot air from racks is routed to the inter-space; this means that hot and cold air is not mixed and a high density of up to 10kW per rack is achieved

Technical parameters

  • Backed-up power supply system 230V and 48V
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Stable temperature +/- 22° C
  • Regulated humidity, absence of dust (40-60 %)
  • SES (self extinguishing system)
  • Location outside flood areas
  • UPS, batteries, diesel power generators
  • Double floor
  • Multiple cable inlets to the building

Parameters of the Internet network

  • A NIX interconnection point is present in the data network of GTS Czech
  • NIX (Czech Internet), 2x 10 Gbps interconnection
  • Foreign Internet – 2x 10 Gbps (SIX, DE-CIX, LINX, VIX), direct connection to Tier 1 operators (TeliaSonera and Global Crossing)
  • GTS is one of the largest Internet providers in the Central and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania)
  • SLA (guaranteed service availability)
  • IP connectivity – the entire data network of GTSN is ringed (optical fibres); standard network availability reaches 99.999 %
  • GTS Czech currently operates several data centres: Prague, Brno, Ostrava

Physical security of data centres

  • Physical security service
  • Security post at the entrance to DC
  • CCTV camera system
  • Electronic card access system
  • Lockable racks
  • Technological safety (redundancy of technologies)
  • Batteries, UPS (N+1)
  • Diesel power generators
  • Air-condition (N+1), with possible extension to 2N+1
  • EFSS – fire signalling system
  • ASES – Automatic self extinguishing system (FM 200)
  • Installation of flood sensors

How can the service be ordered?

Contact us
For more information and how to sign on to the service please contact:
Free-of-charge Infoline on: 800 990 990

Details for contacting GTS Czech regional representatives can be found here.




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