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GTS IP Centrex

GTS IP Centrex is a supplementary service to GTS Total Business Lite. It is a hosted exchange located physically in the premises of GTS Czech. State-of-the-art IP telephones and value added applications are a part of the service. One of the major advantages of the service is that you can make telephone calls between distant extension lines FREE OF CHARGE via the voice virtual private network (VPN).

Detailed description of the service...

Advantages of service

  • Modest investment demands – hosted private branch exchange is located at GTS Czech and you only pay for services that you utilise. Thanks to the hosted exchange solution you do not need your own exchange, you do not have to maintain it, and first of all you do not have to make any one off payment. The risks connected with large investments are eliminated.
  • Value added application  – also applications increasing the convenience of making telephone calls and making the everyday work easier are the part of the service. These are applications Switchboard panel, Telephone directory of the CR, Click-to-Call, Personal setting and a Set Box.
  • Flexibility of the solution  – the hosted exchange is flexible and variable to be adapted according to how your company expands. Individual lines and services may be added or removed as needed.
  • Advanced IP telephone sets  – telephones supporting IP technology. All the types of IP terminal equipment offered by us have been tested for the service GTS IP Centrex, and these may be installed at various work locations from production plants to managers' offices.

Who is this service suitable for?

Novera IP Centrex is meant for middle and large enterprises seeking extension of their GTS Total Business liteservice and requiring professional telephone sets. Thus far, business customers have had to acquire and operate costly standard private branch exchanges. This solution only pays off at a certain number of telephone lines, and for many a company such solution was disadvantageous.

Thanks to IP telephony, the situation has been changing  – customers do not have to acquire their own private branch exchanges. It simply suffices to connect the IP telephone to a network of your telecommunications operator and utilise the services of the virtual private branch exchange. It is not the property of the company, they only utilise the exchange. And at the same time it is more user-friendly and the scope of services is broader than in a standard private branch exchange.


Individual price plans and service price lists will be provided to customers by our sales representatives or operators of a contact centre operator.

How can the service be ordered?

Contact us
For more information and how to sign on to the service please contact:
Free-of-charge Infoline on: 800 990 990

Details for contacting GTS Czech regional representatives can be found here.




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