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GTS Managed Office

GTS Managed Office

GTS Managed Office enables straightforward, efficient and complete handling of internet connection security. It will protect connection to internet networks from viruses, hacker attacks and other risks. The GTS Managed Office service is operated in a  dedicated server which is located in the GTS Czech data centre, which is equipped with the necessary software for the operation of individual modules (Central User Administration, Mail Server, Web Server, Firewall, Antispam, Antivirus, Attachment Filter, Antispyware, Content Filter).

The GTS Managed Office service provides professional and full-fledged protection of a private network. GTS Managed Office represents a complete service as relates to implementation, administration and support. Thanks to GTS Managed Office a customer can save significant initial investment, since the initial costs for implementation of provided services are divided into regular monthly instalments.

Advantages of service

  • A completely outsourced service – the customer does not need to handle operations and expenses for the acquiring of the necessary hardware equipment, nor the purchasing of licenses (operation systems, firewall, mail server, antivirus, antispam etc.) or the functionality of the solution (updates, operational changes etc.), everything is taken care of by GTS Czech
  • Regular nightly backups of server configurations, monitoring of service availability
  • Professional server set up and support – the customer does not need to have the required configuration knowledge in the area of security, its requirements can be revised based on security solution and special requests
  • Savings on transfer capacity – today, SPAM forms 70% of all email communications, and effective protection prevents customer line overloading from occuring.
  • A large number of supplementary services – mailing list, archive of email correspondence, analysis of IP traffic, network monitoring etc.

Who is this service suitable for?

The GTS Managed Office service is an ideal addition to services GTS IP VPN and GTS Internet and is suitable for companies with large or small telecommunication operations.

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How can the service be ordered?

Contact us
For more information and how to sign on to the service please contact:
Free-of-charge Infoline on: 800 990 990

Details for contacting GTS Czech regional representatives can be found here.




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