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“GTS Virtual Hosting Environment is in simple words, a private virtual data center. This is probably the only enterprise class solution that really helps software houses deal with the growing demand for servers and storage space” Head of Product Management


Keeping pace with demand is a big challenge for every IT team. When the software development team receives a request for a new application, IT starts to look for space, servers and a reliable solution.As today's business applications increasingly become web-oriented and dynamic in nature, IT developers are looking for answers to these questions:

  • Does performance and scalability increase speed to market?
  • Can we manage the increasing demand?
  • Are end user expectations at the highest level?

Business Challenges

Nowadays business dynamism requires building computing resources that can handle sudden peaks and occasional fluctuations in demand.The implementation of all IT business applications require high-level expertise and professional support. To the extent that your business relies on computing resources, you will sooner or later face problems with performance and durability.The traditional approach usually involves inefficient, dedicated and expensive high performance server architecture, which is initially oversized to deal with future growth. Unpredictable business growth can suddenly consume all computing resources and with an inflexible architecture, companies are forced to pay significant capex to build back up their safeguard measures.The achievement of your business goals is possible by selecting a business partner prepared to quickly support your business growth.

  • ensured high availability of your user's applications
  • focus on application development and the user experience
  • outsource IT infrastructure to a reliable and experience managed service provider
  • immediate response to growing data requirements
  • speed to market with on-demand services


GTS will design and fully manage a scalable computing environment composed of computing power, memory, storage, scalable connectivity and backup services to protect against accidental data lose. An outsourced virtual data center guarantees long-term solution durability. You will no longer have to deal with hardware maintenance or failures. Your virtual machine will never become obsolete; GTS will always maintain and continuously update your data center environment. The GTS approach:

  • strengthen your business with an effective computing solution
  • reduce your expenditures on IT infrastructure management and procurement
  • apply cutting edge data center and computing technologies – to ensure round-the-clock performance and 100% uptime of your business.

GTS data center infrastructure meets the highest industry standards with storage equipment provided by the leading suppliers (Cisco, Dell, HP, NetApp and CommVault) and the virtualization layer provided by the global market leader, VMWare.Each GTS virtual machine is delivered with a robust, enterprise-class computing platform located at one of GTS´s professional data centers. Access to a management console to ensure performance monitoring and fast upgrades.


GTS Virtual Hosting Services presented by Erik Slooten - Group IT Director for GTS

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