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GTS Complet Pro

GTS Complet Pro

GTS Complet Pro is a package consisting of telephone lines and high speed connectivity to the internet primarily intended for medium and large companies. The service uses ISDN telephone technology and is provided using accessible metalic lines.

Advantages of service

Within the framework of an advantageous flat fee you obtain a complete voice service and internet connection solution. From the many configuration options we will create a customised solution for you as concerns the connections of your branch telephone exchange and computer network. The GTS Complet Pro service includes:

  • 4 to 14 ISDN BRI telephone lines or an ISDN PRI, E1 CAS connection
  • high speed connectivity to the internet with a capacity of 16 Mbit/s with no data limits
  • one flat fee for the whole solution
  • significant savings for call and internet
  • maintaining the existing telephone numbers
  • individual approach and tailor-made professional solution

Who is this service suitable for?

GTS Complet Pro is intended for medium and large companies. By making the metallic lines available it is possible to connect your branch exchange with a hundred telephones or to directly connect eight or more individual telephones and fax machines. It is also simple to establish a fixed connection of your computer network or one computer to the internet.

The GTS Complet Pro package includes a whole range of configuration options for both voice and the internet part of the service. Depending on your specific needs we will propose a corresponding customised solution which will provide you with both professional telecommunication services and a significant reduction in expenses.

You can chose to connect your modern telephone exchange using ISDN PRI lines or E1 CAS with 30 call channels, or the cost efficient ISDN PRI with 10 active call channels. For smaller exchanges or individual digital or analogue telephones the package provides standard ISDN BRI (ISDN2) telephone lines. Individual telephone numbers or call blocks will be assigned free of charge or will transferred be from your original operator.

High-speed connection to the internet in the GTS Complet Pro is set up with company clients in mind: Internet business profiles offer unlimited data downloading at the rate of up to 12 Mbit/sec with very low aggregation of 1:8 and with high speed of data transfer from a user.


Pricing packages and service price lists will be provided to customers by a business representative or a contact centre operator.

How can the service be ordered?

Contact us
For more information and how to sign on to the service please contact:
Free-of-charge Infoline on: 800 990 990

Details for contacting GTS Czech regional representatives can be found here.



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