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GTS Total Business Lite

GTS Total Business Lite

A virtual solution of a classis PBX combined with unlimited Internet access via ADSL. You do not need to get a PBX and pay for maintenance. Calls within the company and between your remote offices are free of charge. As of now, even small companies can enjoy the benefits and features of a state-of-the-art PBX system thanks to GTS Total Business Lite.

Detailed description of the service...

Services included in GTS Total Business Lite

  • Voicemail Information interface
  • Web care
  • Customisation
  • Call answering groups
  • Clik-to-Call
  • Administrator


  • zero cost of investment, you pay only for the services you actually need
  • calls free of charge not only within your company, but also to your suppliers or customers
  • short provisioning time and easy customisation of the features to you're your actual needs
  • you have no troubles with operation, but everything under full control

How to save?

There is no need to wait – a classis PBX becomes obsolete, while the virtual one will always be up-to-date.

Target customer group

GTS Total Business Lite is intended for small and medium enterprises seeking a complex solution of their telecommunication needs with a high professional standard and wishing to save the cost of investment. The service is suitable for standalone businesses as well as branch offices of 4 to 15 employees.


The pricing programs and service pricelists will be provided to customers by our sales representative or an agent of our contact centre.

How can the service be ordered?

Contact us
For more information and how to sign on to the service please contact:
Free-of-charge Infoline on: 800 990 990

Details for contacting GTS Czech regional representatives can be found here.



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