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We are operating modern infrastructure and nationwide network. Our services are provided in the quality guaranteed under contracts with further guarantees applying to all key services’ parameters, including the date of installation, the service accessibility and maximum length of time for repair and maintenance.

High quality of services does not necessarily mean the high price, although the cost is one of the most important factors when choosing a telecommunications service provider. The size and stability of our company enables us to compete on equal level with any of the operators and to provide services of at least the same if not higher standards at competitive prices.

Apart from standard telecommunication services we also offer installations of full metropolitan networks. Our team of specialist consultants and designers, together with our regional business representatives, is able to propose a solution that would respect and suit the local conditions. This would be especially helpful in preparation of projects for which you plan to obtain grants from the European Union. Together with our partners, who take care of the economic, administration and legal aspects of such projects, we are able to provide effective support to your applications for grant and to coordinate implementation of the entire project.

Contact persons for the local government agencies

Project Management

Václav Molík

Zbyněk Hrabina

Regional Business Support

Lenka Feňová

Michal Starczewski

Jiří Zahradník

Jiří Žárský




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