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Voice and combined solutions

Voice solutions

  • GTS Direct Voice

    GTS Direct Voice

    This complete telecommunication service provides the most ...

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  • GTS Telephone Selection

    GTS Telephone Selection

    Novera Telephone Selection is a public telephone service that ...

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  • GTS Green Number

    GTS Green Number

    The service allow the customers to access information at no ...

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  • GTS Green Number from Abroad

    GTS Green Number from Abroad

    Novera green number from abroad service allows an access to ...

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  • GTS Blue Number

    GTS Blue Number

    The service allows an expedient and easy access to information to ...

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  • GTS White Number

    GTS White Number

    The service allows customers to be accessible anywhere in the ...

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  • GTS Rainbow Number

    GTS Rainbow Number

    The service provides an easy access to information available at a ...

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Combined solutions

  • GTS Complet Office

    GTS Complet Office

    Telephone lines and high-speed connection to the internet without ...

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  • GTS Complet Pro

    GTS Complet Pro

    Novera complete pro is a package consisting of telephone lines ...

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  • GTS Total Business

    GTS Total Business

    Novera Full IP is a service representing a complex solution of ...

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  • GTS Duo Express

    GTS Duo Express

    Special Offer of Calls amp Internet in One.

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  • GTS Duo

    GTS Duo

    Novera duo is an optimal package of a public telephone service, ...

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