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  • Backbone Network

    With regard to LAN, the term is used for the interconnection of subaltern LANs in buildings and secures access to central servers. For WAN, it may comprise either an entire provider's public network or its part, or a customer's entire private network or its part. In either case, it comprises the network in which the traffic of all connected networks is put together, and these networks depend on this backbone network. Backbone networks are developed in order to have a huge capacity and be impervious to outages.

  • Bandwidth

    Capacity of the connection (circuit). It is usually measured either in bits per second (bit/s) for digital lines or hertz (Hz) for analogue lines.

  • Bearer channel

    A fully duplex 64-kbit channel on ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) networks for the user data.

  • Bit

    A symbol expressing a binary status i.e. logical 0 or 1.

  • Bits per second (bps, b/s, bit/s)

    A unit for measuring transmission rate. It states the number of bits transmitted from one medium to another during one second.

  • BRI – Basic rate Interface

    An ISDN technology access line that comprises two B-channels, each of which have a transmission rate of 64 kbit/s, and one D-channel with the transmission rate of 16 kbit/s. B-channels transmit user data and voice while the D-channel ensures a transmission of signalling.

  • Bridge

    A device dividing the operation of various segments within one network. The traffic between them is filtered on the basis of knowledge of physical addresses.

  • Broadband

    A signal transmission technique wherein the input signal is modulated prior to its further transmission. It is possible during the broadband transmission to transmit the signal at several frequencies independently.

  • Browser

    A client application with a graphic interface for displaying hypertext documents and other Internet services.

  • Byte

    A unit comprising eight binary digits. Sometimes it is also denoted the character or octet. Example: 8 bytes = 64 bites.




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