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  • Cable modem

    It provides transmission of data or voice traffic along a coaxial cable.

  • Cache

    A fast buffer. The way to accelerate your work with slow media. For example, disk caches remember the files on your hard disk that have been used most often. If required they are read from operating memory so that the computer does not need to wait until the files are read from the hard disk. Browsers have got their own caches as well; they remember an optional number of www pages that have been read most recently. When you view them again, they are read from your hard disk rather than to have them wander through the Internet. There are computers that serve only as cache see Proxy cache.

  • Callback

    A service that you may use in the event, that the called party is busy or does not answer your call. If you require the callback the exchange will call you back as soon as the called party is available. If the called party does not answer your call again you will be advised as soon as it uses its phone set.

  • CIR – Commited Information Rate

    A transmission rate (in bits/s), which a Frame Relay network guarantees for the transmission of information under normal terms and conditions.

  • Client/Server

    A computer system architecture. The server usually maintains data and ensures operations with them. The client communicates with the server through queries, requests and answers.

  • CLIP – Calling Line Identification Presentation

    It helps the called party to determine the identification of the calling subscriber, unless this subscriber uses the CLIR service.

  • CLIR – Calling Line Identification Restriction

    A display of the calling line identification is barred so that the called party cannot view it.

  • CODEC – COder-DECoder

    A device using pulse code modulation for the conversion of analogue signals to a digital form.

  • COLP – Connected Line Identification Presentation

    This service provides the calling party with the number to which it was actually connected.

  • COLR – Connected Line Identification Restriction

    This service blocks delivery of a called party number to which the calling party was actually connected.

  • Connectivity

    An ability of a system or equipment to interconnect with other systems or equipment without any further alteration.

  • Cookie

    A small (usually text) file that is originated upon a communication between a WWW server and browser. During its communication with the client (through the browser), the server creates a file comprising information on the client and sends this information back to the client who might (or might not) store it to its hard disk and make it available to the server for the next connection and communication stream. The cookie may comprise either user information that is useful for “both parties”, namely user login name and password or user setting. On the other hand, it is possible that it may comprise information revealing in detail a configuration of the client computer including information with regard to programs and even to data that are installed there. That is why many browsers allow to prohibit receiving of cookies. Nevertheless, in most cases the cookies are useful helpers capable of shortening and simplifying the communication between the client and server.

  • CPS

    A Carrier Pre-Selection is the selection of a provider (GTS Novera) through a short prefix (1023) that is set up in the access provider's exchange (Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s.). This pre-setting is used automatically for all outgoing calls so that it is not necessary for the subscriber to dial the prefix (1023) manually. The service is accessible from Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. network exclusively.

  • CS

    Carrier Selection is the selection of a provider (GTS Novera) through a short prefix (1023) for individual calls. The service is accessible from Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. network exclusively.




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