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  • E1

    A digital transmission scheme for communication lines with the transmission rate of 2.084 Mbit/s that is used in Europe.

  • E3

    A digital transmission scheme for communication lines with the transmission rate of 34.368 Mbit/s that is used in Europe.

  • Electronic Commerce

    Business transactions and communication undertaken through computers and the computer network, including the Internet (i.e. WAN networks in general). It comprises a money transfer in a digital form, but it is not limited to this only, as it also applies to marketing, videoconferencing and other functions that serve business purposes.

  • Electronic mail, E-mail

    A complex of programs and system features for an electronic (network) communication among computer users. It is analogous to the classical postal system but with all the advantages and disadvantages of electronic data processing and transmission. The basic features of electronic mail for computers connected to the pertinent network are as follow: It is possible to mail any file to one or more users that have their electronic addresses. A post box (mailbox) may be used to which the system automatically stores all incoming mails in the order in which they have been received. Received files may be viewed, edited, forwarded, etc. In addition to simple texts, one may also mail files comprising voice and picture information through electronic mail. Electronic mail operations require at least two computers that are connected to the network and the pertinent software.

  • Ethernet

    A type of computer network designed by Intel, DEC and Xerox that is now used mainly in the area of local computer networks. Rather than to be constructed in a ring topology, the network structure is bus-based, which is to say there is one long cable to which all computers on the network attach by shorter cables.

  • Ethernet address

    An Ethernet address (a.k.a. MAC address) is a 48-bit number identifying a specific network card (Ethernet). It is expressed in the form of a 12-figure character string or as six hexadecimal 256-bit numbers separated by a colon.

  • ETSI – European Telecommunication Stanadards Institute

    A standardisation organisation focused on co-ordinating telecommunication standards and with its seat in France.

  • Euro-ISDN

    An ISDN standard adjusted to commercial applications in European countries.

  • Excess Information Rate (EIR)

    Where Frame Relay technology is used, EIR comprises a non-guaranteed throughput of the data channel that is in excess of the CIR (Committed Information Rate) up to the maximum throughput (speed) of the channel. In case of network congestion the frames that coincide with this area are preferentially discarded.




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