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  • Fast Ethernet

    A new way of data transmission on a network based on the Ethernet network standard that provides for data transmission at rates up to 100 Mbit/s. Although it has been rather expensive up to now, it is very likely that it will ultimately prevail over the current (and dominating) Ethernet standard 10BaseT.

  • Firewall

    A system used for protection of one network against unauthorised access from another network (e.g. LAN protection against access from the Internet). The system may be implemented using software, hardware or a combination of both.

  • Frame Relay

    A protocol working on the second layer (the data link layer) of the OSI model. It serves both permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) and switched virtual circuits (SVCs). Frame Relay ensures the primary interconnection of LANs through a WAN. It is typically used for transmission rates from 64 kbit/s up to 2,048 kbit/s.

  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol

    Serves to transmit files on a network. Prior to beginning the communication the client must be authenticated through its access name and password. Servers listen at the port 21 of the TCP protocol.

  • Full Duplex Ethernet

    A standard for the structured cabling of Ethernet networks using fully duplex operations. The structured cabling provides for a point-to-point connection so that it is possible to transmit and receive at the same time.




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