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  • IAP – Internet Access Provider

    A company capable of providing other companies with Internet access. The more common term used today is ISP (Internet Service Provider) rather than IAP, because the services are far more important than is the mere access.

  • IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol

    A method for accessing electronic mail messages at the mail server. It provides a client mail application with access to a remote mailbox without the necessity to transfer the messages to the client side.

  • Interface

    A physical border between individual devices at which are defined electric signals, connectors, time synchronisation, codes and protocols enabling two units to interact in order to exchange information.

  • Internet

    The widest worldwide computer network connected through standardised communication protocols.

  • Internet browser

    Software that enables the user to find and view documents on the Internet. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator are the most used browsers.

  • Intranet

    An internal corporate network that uses the same protocols and mechanisms as the Internet.

  • IP – Internet Protocol

    A Unix network protocol based on the OSI (Layer 3). Originally, it was developed for communication between networks (Internetworking) but became an Internet protocol due to the fact that routers can react flexibly to network congestion by slowing the packet transmission and then accelerating it when the network gets free again. This achieves a flexibility that is necessary so that the information highway will not be totally blocked or the data lost.

  • IP address

    The address of a computer on the network that uses the IP protocol. It comprises four 8-bit digits separated by dots (e.g. The IP address uniquely identifies any given computer on the worldwide Internet. IP addresses are broken into classes (Class A through Class E).

  • IP packet

    A consistent group of data transmitted via the Internet using Internet Protocol (IP). The IP packet contains a label with address that controls information and the data themselves. In contrast to other data transmission units the packets may vary in their length.

  • ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network

    A technology intended for transmitting voice and data information.

  • ISP – Internet Service Provider

    A company providing individuals and companies with Internet connectivity (fixed and dial-up) and such services as developing web sites, providing WWW servers, information services and potentially many others. It is distinguished from an IAP (Internet Access Provider), which only ensures Internet access. The ISP and IAP terms and functions have usually coincided in the Czech Republic so that here only the term ISP is used.

  • ITU – International Telecommunications Union

    An international organisation that engaged in developing telecommunication technology standards.




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