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  • NAT – Network Address Translation

    A mechanism for reducing the required number of unique IP addresses. It can provides Internet connectivity to a computer or network that has no unique IP address, as it is capable of sharing a single IP address among multiple local computers while connecting them all simultaneously.

  • Network

    A physical combination of computers that are interconnected through communication means. In addition, these computers have functional software and hardware tools enabling them to communicate (i.e. to transmit data) with one another. With the exception of a small and not yet widely deployed number of wireless networks, all computers are interconnected permanently using special cabling dedicated to traffic at the moment of communication only. Networks can be subdivided by several different criteria: The most commonly used are LANs (connecting a geographically limited territory) and WANs (connecting almost unlimited territory). Each network has at least one controlling computer, which is called the server. An exception is a so-called peer-to-peer network, upon which all computers are equal and function as both client and server. The network operating system, through which the network data stream is administered and additional services are provided to network users, usually runs permanently on this controlling computer. The various network operations also cover a broad range from the simple use of data (files) stored at the server's hard disk by any network workstation (or “node”) up to distributed data processing wherein a number of workstations process the same task simultaneously.

  • NGNP – Non-Geographic Number Portability

    A service that enables the subscriber to terminate its contract with its current service provider and to conclude a new contract with another provider without changing its non-geographic number, location or character of the service offered.

  • NIX – Neutral Internet eXchange

    A professional association of legal entities (NIX.CZ, z.s.p.o.) that associates Czech ISPs in order to interconnect their Internet networks. Please visit for more information.

  • NTBA – Network Termination Basic Access

    A device providing for a network termination. This equipment converts between the 4-wire access line of the terminal equipment and the 2-wire network circuit. In case of BRI, one may connect to it as many as eight terminal devices operating independently through a common passive bus.

  • Number portability

    A service that enables the subscriber to retain, at the same location, its existing local telephone numbers when switching from one local telephone service provider to another.




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