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  • GTS Ethernet Line

    GTS Ethernet Line

    GTS Wholesale Ethernet Service Line is determined by telecom operators and Internet service providers that want to connect their customers high-speed networks to enable transmission of high volumes of data. The service offers solutions to all telecommunications service providers, who demand quality, safety and reliability of transmission.
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  • GTS Internet

    GTS Internet

    This dedicated-line Internet access service is suitable for companies requiring high-quality and guaranteed connections. For an agreed flat-rate fee (according to the line's throughput capacity), the customer obtains high-quality Internet access, not only within the Czech Republic but also abroad.
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  • GTS Colocation

    GTS Colocation

    GTS Colocation is a service using network architecture based on hardware by the renowned Cisco vendor. Data centres meet the latest criteria of availability and connectivity.
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  • GTS IP Transit

    GTS IP Transit

    A reliable Internet connectivity solution for telecommunication operators can be based on using GTS Czech's current peering and transit capacities. GTS Czech will contractually guarantee you minimal service parameters, namely the transmission rate, service availability and reliability. The service GTS IP Transit will allow you easily and effectively to connect your autonomous system to GTS Czech's backbone IP network.
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  • GTS Leased Line

    GTS Leased Line

    Professional telecommunication solutions on the basis of leased digital circuits. This service is intended for the reliable transmission of large data volumes with minimal delay or for the interconnection of telephone exchanges. We offer the service for connecting locations both within the Czech Republic and abroad.
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    This service offers reliable intracompany communication solutions along with savings on operating costs and is based on data transmission within a single IP network. By means of a so-called service level agreement (SLA), GTS Czech contractually guarantees the service's minimum parameters, such as speed, availability and reliability.
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  • GTS WS ADSL Flexi / WS VDSL Flexi

    GTS WS ADSL Flexi / WS VDSL Flexi

    Wholesale service GTS WS ADSL Flexi / GTS WS VDSL Flexi includes asymmetric access to the Internet. It is based on ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or VDSL (Very High Speed DSL) technology that can use the existing telephone line or euroISDN2U line as a broadband medium for high quality, fast transfer of data while maintaining all the telephony functions.
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